Defensive Coordinator Candidates

With DeWayne Walker basically saying he’s out, a few names are coming to the foreground of the Seahawks search for a defensive coordinator:

  • Dan Quinn – Seattle Seahawks: Quinn was our defensive line coordinator this past year, which doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement of him. In reality, Quinn is an excellent coach though and probably was a better fit in 2009 to be our Defensive Coordinator than Bradley (he was probably a better fit for OC than Knapp too, but that’s besides the point).
  • Jerry Gray – Washington Redskins: Currently serving as the secondary coach for the ‘Skins, Gray has been a defensive coordinator before, holding the position in Buffalo for three years. The first two years, they were one of the best three teams in the league, but kind of stunk up the joint his last year there (hence, his last year there). It sounds like he would prefer to stay with the Redskins.
  • Gus Bradley – Long shot! Still, Bradley has not been let go yet and is connected to Carroll through Monte Kiffin. Since Carroll will be calling the defensive plays anyway, it could potentially happen.
  • DeWayne Walker – New Mexico State University: It appears that Walker has been pulling his name out of the hat, but consider him a dark horse candidate.