DeCosta and a New GM Name

The Baltimore Ravens were kind enough to grant permission to the Seahawks to interview Eric DeCosta, a SeahawkAddicts favorite (and not just the writers — DeCosta crushed the competition nearly 2:1 in the poll the other day).

More interesting though, Adam Schefter just tweeted (five seconds before I started writing this — literally) that the Seahawks have secured an interview with a name we hadn’t seen yet: Marc Ross, the Giants Director of College Scouting. Schefter refers to him as “a real up and comer.” I’ll see if I can’t write a lil’ sumpin sumpin up about Ross in the next couple hours…

Here is a great article about Ross. I especially like this part:

Under Modrak, Ross learned a fundamental draft lesson on not caving to outside pressure. In 1999, he and Modrak easily identified Syracuse quarterback Donovan McNabb as the player they wanted to take with the No. 2 overall pick. As the draft approached, the local sports talk station, fans and even the mayor of Philadelphia (now Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell) pleaded with the team to take running back Ricky Williams. The Eagles took McNabb, who was booed by Philly fans on draft day.