Combine: Hawks meet with Brown

A little bit of Combine news on the slowest day of said event: The Seahawks have reportedly met with USC offensive tackle Charles Brown. Brown is probably the most obvious fit into our zone blocking scheme, and there was good news all around when he weighed in today: first, he surpassed the 300 lb barrier that many feared he would not — Brown weighed in at 303 lbs. His height is listed at 6’5″ (and 3/8). Perhaps most importantly though, are his arms.

Brown’s arms weighed in at a very long 35 1/4″. That’s phenomenal. Offensive tackles need to have long arms almost as much as they need to be dirtbags. Most starting tackles have at least 33″ arms, which is sort of the over/under number people look for. Short arms leave tackles vulnerable to defenders, allowing them to get into the tackle’s chest and gain leverage and control. Brown’s very long arms and athletic nature could help craft him into a star under Alex Gibbs’ tutelage.

The bad news is that the Seahawks will almost certainly not have a chance at him in the #40 slot, so it’ll almost have to be that #14 pick now. It’s probably worth it!