Clipboard Jesus: Not Hawks’ Savior

It’s understandable that only one game is not a fair showing of one player’s abilities, but after Sunday, it’s hard not to be left with a feeling of discontent.

Charlie Whitehurst proved to everyone that he is exactly what we thought he was, dating back to when he was brought into Seattle from San Diego via trade:

A project.

Matt Hasselbeck, though, is not. No matter what everyone thinks about him at this stage in his career, he is the Seahawks’ starting quarterback. That’s not to say he would’ve turned the game around yesterday; nor would his presence have changed the defense allowing 487 total yards against the visiting Giants. He may have reduced it through fewer errrant throws, mishandled snaps and mental mistakes, but it didn’t matter. Charlie Whitehurst is still not a starting-caliber NFL quarterback, and he proved to us why it’s taken him four years to throw his first NFL pass.

And that’s why, according to the Seattle Times’ Jerry Brewer, Hasselbeck will get his job back once he’s healthy again.

Russell Okung and Brandon Mebane also might be available, and they’ll be welcomed back going into a road game against their biggest division rival on Sunday. Clearly, in addition to Hasselbeck, their absence has shown how much their team needs them healthy. As we saw in Chicago, the offense is monumentally better with Okung in, and we saw against San Francisco and San Diego, the defense is better with Mebane plugging the run.

In the meantime, fans calling for Whitehurst to fill in for Hasselbeck have gotten their wish. I think Whitehurst’s performance Sunday has adequately silenced those cries.