Charlie’s Debut

Were you there for Matt Hasselbeck’s debut? What about Dave Krieg? Or even Rick Mirer?

The first start is not always pretty, but it’s usually memorable in one way or another. We’re hoping tomorrow is miraculous — and it may be — but it’s also noteworthy, regardless of how the game goes down. Don’t you want to be there? As with pretty much every other game at Qwest this year, the Seahawks (and Clipboard Jesus, specifically) need insanity from the crowd. But alas, 12th Men and Women, it seems the masses are feeling vulnerable. Check this chart out:

Since the beginning of the week, ticket prices have dropped from an average of nearly $250 to about $150. but the quantity has fallen rapidly with them. At that price point, I think we can deduce that a lot of Seahawk fans are selling their tickets. It’s our responsibility to make sure Seahawks fans (!!!) are replacing them and not Giants. There are tons of seats left and plenty of them are less than $100. This could be the make or break game for the Seahawks season — 5-3 or 4-4 is everything in this league.

So buy your tickets today if you can or at least rent a hotel room nearby that you can scream from while hanging out the windows. Remember: we haven’t lost to the Giants at home since 1981… we need every 12th Man we can to pack those stands and make sure the streak doesn’t end.