Catching Up – Tuesday

There’s a lot going on, and I’m not just talking about the great Seattle Snowpocalypse of 2010. (Midwesterners, feel free to start laughing hysterically at any point.) Though the Seahawks’ passing game came to life for the second week in a row, they also sustained a few more injuries after Sunday’s game.

The most concerning is Mike Williams’ foot injury which apparently has Pete Carroll puzzled. Williams said he “felt something pop” after suffering the ailment in play, which is never a good sign. Carroll says it’s going to depend on “how he responds to treatment” going forward, which could mean he won’t be available to start against the Chiefs on Sunday. Groan.

Chester Pitts also suffered an ankle injury against the Saints. His status for the coming week is in doubt, and that theory is supported by the fact that the Hawks just signed OT Will “Danger! Danger!” Robinson (sorry) from the Redskins’ practice squad. Robinson was an undrafted free agent brought in by the Seahawks in 2008, but he was also injured and didn’t make the team that year. Maybe the front office likes him enough to give him another shot, but it’s more likely he’s just a convenient depth option at this point.

This could mean we’re looking at even more offensive line shuffling going into Week 12, which would be upsetting the balance, in many ways, because the current unit allowed zero sacks on Matt Hasselbeck in New Orleans. A lot of that was Russell Okung going back in at left tackle, and Pitts having a very physical presence alongside him at left guard. How long until we see Stacy Andrews at right tackle?

It’ll likely be another couple of weeks until DT Colin Cole can play again, and Carroll has mentioned he’s “most concerned” with the front four’s ability to continue stopping the run. If it hadn’t been for several missed tackles against the Saints, yardage allowed would’ve been much more limited, but that goes for the secondary just as much as it does the unit up front.

Speaking of the secondary, Marcus Trufant became roughly the 452nd player in the league to suffer a concussion Sunday, and his status is up in the air once again. Walter Thurmond came in and deflected what would’ve been another TD pass to Marques Colston Sunday, and played an overall solid game in Trufant’s absence. If Trufant can’t go, look for Thurmond to be tested once again when he matches up against Kansas City’s dangerous Dwayne Bowe.

There’s a lot we’re still waiting to find out today, but we expect injury updates to hit the wire fairly soon. The good news is Hasselbeck and Jeremy Bates have found a good, solid passing game in this offense, but it’ll face a tough test against KC’s Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry this weekend.