Carroll’s Coaches

Moving forward under the assumption that Pete Carroll will be our head coach in 2010, here’s what we think we know about his staff:

  • Norm Chow is the reportedly the top choice for offensive coordinator. Chow is a legend when it comes to QB development.
  • DeWayne Walker is the top guy, and really just about the only guy, that we’ve heard regarding a defensive coordinator.
  • Jeremy Bates is interviewing with Chicago this week, but it sounds like Carroll wants him, probably as a QB coach. He helped develop Jay Cutler, so y’know, if you want whiny d-bags, he’s the guy! Not really, he’s a good coach…
  • Ken Norton Jr. has reportedly been tabbed as the guy (according to ESPNews — thanks Randy!) to coach our linebackers. He is currently the LB coach / Assistant head coach at USC. He’s done alright there, I suppose. Four of his LBs came out in the draft last year and all four were getting significant playing time in the NFL this year. Bear that in mind: FOUR linebackers out of three starters. Whaaaat? Look for Curry to absolutely decimate the universe.
Who am I missing? I think there has been more info leaked / speculated.