Carroll’s A Huge Black Hole

Last year we were all commenting on how Ruskell was playing the draft close to the vest and no one knew which direction he was headed. As it turns out, that was like an open book compared to what’s going on with Pete Carroll’s command. Carroll can best be compared with a black hole.

With Mora having been here the previous two seasons before taking over and Ruskell entering his 4th year as GM, we knew that they knew the Seahawks intimately and even though they were being tight-lipped about the draft, there were a lot of assumptions that could be made from their prior moves and the obvious problems that everyone could see.

Enter Pete Carroll. You have to assume that he and his chosen aids have been sequestered at the VMAC going through hours of game film although not a peep has come out of that process. Are the new staff seeing the same problems we all thought we saw the last two seasons? Do they think we have the same holes to fill that Mora and Ruskell left thinking had to be addressed? Are they looking at a team they think needs just a handful of good players to fill it out and they’re right back in the thick of things or are they thinking that they need to replace a good portion of the team over the next two or three years and acquire players with different skills to build a team capable of running Carrol’s program? To continue, please press “Read more…” below.

We’re all speculating on who the Seahawks will draft but we’re all tuned into what we know of the team over the last decade. Carroll and staff are coming in and looking with fresh eyes and getting most of their impressions from film. With the exception of defensive coordiantor Bradley and defensive line coach Quinn, no one else has any firsthand knowledge and Bradley and Quinn only had one season. What are they seeing? Do they see players who have talents that weren’t used properly or do they perceive an overall lack of talent? Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall of the VMAC over the last month or so. I’ll bet some player’s ears are burning. 

Right now, Pete Carroll has the rest of the league right where he wants them. In a dark place where not even light can escape. Seattle is a huge black hole to everyone including it’s fans. On draft day, Seattle could be looking for anything from defensive backfield to quarterback to defensive or offensive linemen. High profile playmakers or blue collar positions. About the only position you might be able to rule out is linebacker. We’re all thinking that Seattle has to get a new left tackle, a quarterback of the future, a stud pass rusher, a shutdown pass defender, or a running back to compliment Forsett. Some want to turn over half the wide receivers and bring in a new stable. The question is, what would you think if you’d never seen the Seahawks before and had to watch a bunch of game film to form those evaluations? Many of us are still wanting Hutchinson’s replacement at left guard and that’s from 5 years ago. How far back will Carroll and staff watch film and where will their evaluations come from and how will they be made?

We might get a hint at where Carroll’s headed in free agency but if the cap is going to expire, there will be slim pickings and indications are that John Schneider doesn’t go for big free agent signings anyway. Most likely, we’re going to just have to wait until the draft unfolds to see what the new Seahawk’s front office and coaching staff thinks the biggest needs are. We’ll all be watching as the new Seahawks take the field for the OTA’s to get a glimpse of where the franchise is headed under Carroll and Schneider. Until then, we’re all chasing our tails and going around in little circles.

Of course, here at Seahawk Addicts, we don’t need much to be off to the races with scenarios galore and we have advice to offer the most astute football minds. That what happens when you’re long on imagination and short on facts. So, black holes be damned, what do you Addicts think? Will Carroll come to the same conclusions as the departing coach and GM did concerning what are the most critical positions? Are they bouncing around the same names we are and the same scenarios we’ve bandied about for stocking the team or are they maybe going to be looking at this thing from a new and maybe somewhat surprising angle? What do you think is going on over at the VMAC as free agency approaches? Are we going to be signing any of our own free agents before they can test the waters? Just what the hell is going on over there?

Stay tuned.