Carroll Not a Certainty

Jim Trotter has a must read piece over at Sports Illustrated which calls into question basically everything we’ve heard since about 1 pm:

John Wooten, chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which promotes diversity and equality in coaching, said Friday night that Leiweke informed him that Seahawks owner Paul Allen is against entrusting total control to one person.

“Tod told me that he has informed Pete Carroll’s people that Paul Allen has been through that once with Mike Holmgren and is not going to go through that again,” Wooten said.

This could potentially be enormous news, especially for those not sold on Carroll. The Seahawks are planning to interview Leslie Frazier, the defensive coordinator for the Vikings, tomorrow, but that interview is contingent on Leiweke confirming to Frazier that Carroll will not have complete control if he gets the job. Basically, Frazier wants to insure he is not interviewing merely to fulfill the Rooney Rule requirements.

Now, while it feels right now like Carroll is a sure thing, he might not be. When Bill Cowher left Pittsburgh after the 2006 season, Russ Grimm was believed universally to have the job. The Steelers were forced to conform with the Rooney Rule requirements and brought in — coincidentally enough — the Vikings’ defensive coordinator, a guy named Mike Tomlin.

So. How about that? I’ll continue covering this all weekend, as well as any other info that breaks. Thank you all for reading.