Carroll: 3-4 Defense Under Consideration

Pete Carroll mentioned at the end of the presser that the 3-4 Defense may be considered entering the 2010 season. It’s still highly unlikely, but Schneider was key in creating a 3-4 team that was amongst the best defenses after only one year last year. It would be a huge departure for Carroll who has never used anything but a 4-3 Under base defense.

3-4 Defense

Still, the 3-4 should be under consideration. The Seahawks do not have the appropriate personnel yet, but in one draft it could happen. The key will be a solid nose guard (think Terrence Cody from Alabama, as Colin Cole is likely not quite large enough or solid enough against the run). Brandon Mebane has excellent arm length and could play defensive end in the 3-4 despite being shorter than idael (6’2″ vs 6’4″-6’6″). A prototypical 3-4 DE would need to come from the draft too, as they rarely hit free agency, though Richard Seymour is expected to test the market this year and would be an excellent stop-gap and would allow us to build our offense through the draft (which is needed).

The linebacking corps is set. Aaron Curry would be a prototypical rush OLB, and Darryl Tapp, though perhaps a bit undersized, could probably do the job as well. Leroy Hill and him could cycle based on the downage, possibly. Hill could play inside or outside, and is only really locked up for this next year as there will be no cap penalty to let him go afterwards. Let him try to 3-4 OLB and if it sticks, he’s a cheap and solid replacement, if not, look in the draft. Curry would be the star though, so Hill could afford to be a mediocre rusher with solid rush defense. Lofa would continue to be the QB of our defense, and Hawthorne would help on the inside. These are both excellent instinctual players, but Hawthorne is far from Lofa’s level, despite how fun he is to watch.

The secondary is in need of a rebuild, but add a single safety and let’s see what this team can do under Jerry Gray. The DB role changes only modestly in a 3-4. If Trufant can return to his 2007 form and Wilson can continue growing, we should be okay. A safety should be added, but this is a fairly deep class for them, even outside the Big 3 of Berry, Mays and Thomas.

This team will be built through the draft, but you’ve only got so many picks each year. It’s unlikely that we move to a 3-4, but it’s heartening that they are considering it. If it is under serious consideration, that speaks volumes about Carroll’s  commitment to winning. It also suggests they brought in the right guy at GM, and in a year with such a stellar DT class, you could conceivably grab your OT at 6, Safety at 14 and trade up 10 picks to grab a Terrence Cody or Dan Williams as your NT. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to draft time! The Combine is just a couple weeks away, and the Senior Bowl is fast approaching.