Burleson Possible to Test the Market

Thanks to Mike Sando at ESPN for this article.

Nate Burleson poised to test the market. With free agency only a few days away and no sign of Burleson with a contract, the Hawks seem to want Burleson to test the market. Nate could potentially land somewhere and make good cash but it seems the Hawks may just want Burleson to see what kind of contract he can get. If they will match it, then he should be back. If no one will sign him, then the Hawks will probably sign him to a contract that should be a bargain.

Nate has been injured quite a bit the past few seasons and some would argue that he did not meet up to the original contract he signed. His stats show in 4 years: He played 46 games out of 64, 136 receptions for 1758 yards, and 15 TDs. Those are not bad stats but they are not stats worth a huge contract or a franchise tag.

My personal opinion is that he will test the market but will resign with Seattle for an OK contract. What do you all think?