Brian Schneider Joins Carroll’s Staff

This is also probably no surprise, but Pete Carroll has recruited Brian Schneider, his former special teams coach at USC, to do the same job with the Seattle Seahawks.

It appeared Bruce DeHaven’s fate was sealed the minute Jim Mora was fired, but many were calling for his head well before the end of this season. To be fair, special teams wasn’t an area of huge concern in this otherwise dismal season, but Carroll is running the show now, and he was going to get his guy.

I’m unfamiliar with Schneider’s credentials, other than that he helmed USC’s special teams under Carroll. A comment left on this forum in the provided link, however, leaves a less than favorable impression:

Seriously though, Pete is leaving to compete and win up there in Seattle, so I thought. What is he doing taking these crappy assistants with him. Bates was terrible. Schneider was terrible. Is this the best he can do?

If nothing else, the new coaching staff has definitely worked together before. Then again, so did Jim Mora and Greg Knapp.