Breaking: Walter Jones retiring (Updated)

Walter Jones just tweeted:

I have came to the concussion it is time for me to retire from football.


Now, technically, what he says there doesn’t make sense, but I’m assuming “concussion” is supposed to be “conclusion.” Anyone who has followed @BJRTH knows that his spelling / tweeting is not exactly… on point most of the time. Still, the timing makes sense, the sentiment makes sense, and it appears that Walter Jones, a future first ballot Hall of Famer will be making his exit from the NFL.

(Update): Jones just tweeted again that he did mis-spell “concussion” and meant to say “conclusion.” Meanwhile, Sando thinks it is just Jones playing with people and a really big joke. It appears Sando is CORRECT!!! Walter Jones again tweeted this, “What was you thinking.Everything is going good. Come on be serious you think I put that on Twitter.”

(Update 2): Jones’ “What was you thinking” quote was from the last time he hinted at retirement on Twitter. Since correcting his “concussion” as “conclusion,” he has not tweeted anything. Follow him here.