Brandon Marshall Soon to Join Seahawks?

These reports are continuing to pour out of the cracks, and thanks to reader RecordBlender, we’ve got another one coming in.

A fellow named Eric Balkman at CraftyBalky Sports Blog says he keeps hearing locker room rumors that Brandon Marshall is all but on his way to becoming a Seahawk, and that the Hawks would deal Deion Branch back to Josh McDaniels to the Denver Broncos in exchange. Obviously, the Hawks would almost certainly have to throw something else in to equal Marshall’s value, and what that might be remains to be seen. (But from what it sounds like over the past season in Denver, the Broncos might take Branch and a $100 Starbucks gift card just to get Marshall somewhere else.)

And sure, there’s been plenty of negativity surrounding Marshall and his “embattled” behavior, namely at the beginning of this season. But if Pete Carroll can seemingly get through to inner-city gang members in Los Angeles, maybe he can work his magic on Marshall. It’s just a thought.

This situation also comes with a massively catastrophic downside, of course. TJ Houshmandzadeh proved that his ego can barely fit inside the front door of the VMAC this season, and he really didn’t do a whole lot to back up the “give me the ball” attitude. Granted, the offensive line couldn’t protect Hasselbeck long enough for him to even pull a Seneca-style frantic backwards run for a 10-yard loss, but the offseason should change that. It really should. If the offensive line isn’t seriously repaired and re-organized in the next few months, the 12th Man has a right to mutiny. You heard it here first.

Anyway, I digress. The prospect of Brandon Marshall in a Seahawk uniform makes me all giddy inside, so long as we can keep Denver’s first-round pick and Marshall doesn’t try to punch Pete Carroll in the face during training camp. Is that too much to ask?!