Branch to Patriots a “Possibility”

After making a slew of phone calls, Danny O’Neil has dug up that there is a “possibility” that Deion Branch could be traded to the Patriots today. This isn’t a surprise in so much as it’s the most frequently guessed re-trade in history, but it is a surprise in that it is so obvious it almost can’t happen. Per Danny:

I’ve been told of possibility Deion Branch could be traded from #Seahawks to the #Patriots. [2nd tweet:] Also been told that it’s premature to say that’s a deal on the brink of being made. Will be monitoring that closely.

We can only do so much as a blog with limited resources, but we were the only ones to catch Brock Hillman’s tweet and I shot a message over to Danny that it might be worth making some calls. It’s fun to be a [small] part of “breaking news.” I would imagine that if Branch is traded, it will be for something like a 5th round pick, possibly conditional a la the Josh Wilson trade.