Biggest Game in Years?

When the two-time, back-to-back division champs come into your house, you know it’s noteworthy. When they’re the same team that knocked you off of the perch after five years, it gets a little bigger. When you’re both 3-2, and tied atop the division for first place, you start to get the idea that this could be the make-or-break game of the year for your “lowly” Seattle Seahawks.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the live football experience. I get nerdily anxious when I go to football games, I get irritated with the surrounding fans for not meticulously watching every play, and I find myself discouraged by the insanely stupid questions folks around me always seem to ask (“We should start Seneca!” “He’s not on the team anym… nevermind.”). That said, this is a game that you kinda have to go to, right? I want to abide by Pete Carroll’s request and chant “SEA! HAWKS! SEA! HAWKS!” during the coin toss. I want to be one of 69,000 fans screaming “BEAST MODE!” at the top of my lungs everytime #24 touches the ball (or stiff arms a dude, or drives an injury cart around).

The good news is: the tickets are totally affordable. Check out Seahawk Addicts Tickets if you’re thinking this game is too good to miss (plus, every 12th Man in the stands is one less opportunity for a Cardinals fan to show up!).

As of right now, there are tickets as low as $60, 243 tickets under $101, and ticket blocks for as many as ten people (bring your whole damned fraternity). Anyway, the deals are awesome right now, the tickets are way less expensive than they should be for this game, and who knows — you just might bump into me there. BEAST MODE!