Beast Mode Buddies Reunite in Hawks’ Backfield

As of Tuesday, Justin Forsett isn’t the only Seahawk who goes way back with Marshawn Lynch.

Long before the emergence of “Beast Mode,” newly-resigned fullback Quinton Ganther remembers the days when he played in Pop Warner games against Lynch. And from what Lynch tells’s Greg Johns, he remembers too.

“I was 11 or 12,” Lynch remembers, “and Quinton was like 30. He was the only dude on the Pop Warner team who had a full mustache and a beard. And he used to drive to Pop Warner games. You’re not supposed to be doing that. It was crazy.”

As Lynch’s voice rises with his story, Ganther cackles with joy at his adjacent locker in the Seahawks practice facility.

Now for the first time in either of their careers, Ganther and Lynch are playing on the same team together, with the added bonus of Forsett’s shifty running style and locker room kinship. In the bigges twist of irony, the team’s trip to Oakland for the game against the Raiders on Sunday will be a hometown reunion for Lynch and Ganther, as both hail from the Bay Area. And with Forsett also playing for Cal in college, this is a trio that’s as fired up as three guys can get.

“I always wanted to play with Marshawn because he’s like family,” Ganther said. “We were always close, so it’s unreal right now. He’s the type of person you want to go to war with. You know he’ll give you everything he’s got and you want to play with those kind of guys. I know I’m going to give everything I’ve got and he’s going to be right there with me.”

Ganther spent the past month at his Sacramento home with his wife, who just gave birth to twin sons. He said he was in “daddy mode” when the call from Renton came after Michael Robinson went down with an injury.

But come Sunday, daddy mode will take an afternoon back seat to Beast Mode, as Ganther will take the field against a rival team that scored 59 points in a road game last week. The Seahawk backfield is ready for the challenge.

“We’re family first, so you know we’re rockin’,” Ganther said. “We’re all in.”