Back In The Saddle Again

Wow! I haven’t read the blog since I decided to take some time off and I was catching up on some of the comments yesterday and read the responses to the announcement I was leaving the blog. I have to tell you Addicts it brought a tiny tear to my eye (which I quickly wiped away before anyone noticed). I didn’t know so many readers really cared about what I had to say. After reading all the appeals to continue writing, I did a lot of soul searching and decided I would continue to write occasionally.

I think everyone knows the issues over which I decided to retire or at the least, take some time off. I’d like to run something by you Addicts concerning unwarranted personal remarks. I asked about suspending privileges for those who continued personal attacks or insults. Chris said that the only thing we could do at the administrative level was to shut off comments unless we hired a censor and put a delay on publishing comments until they were reviewed. He’s considered shutting off comments a few times this past year but to me that would really kill what we’ve built here. I can’t imagine Seahawk Addicts without input from all of you guys who make up our blogging community. I would rather leave the blog than have comments shut off so I resigned.

[Chris’ note: This blog would never exist without the comments, and I didn’t offer to shut the comments off, just mentioned the only way to 100% control for rude/inappopriate comments was to shut them off. The community is the reason the blog exists. Also: Welcome Back Bill!]

I really thought there would only be three or four posters who would care and post anything about it. I was touched by the amount of support I saw and it felt genuine so I’ve decided to continue to write sparingly but I’m not going to put up with being insulted and neither should anyone else. Press “Read more…” to continue. 

 I do have delete authority but unfortunately when I start deleting remarks that are out of line, accusations are made that comments are being deleted because someone disagreed with me which is really far off base. I never delete a comment unless the poster gets personal or worse makes racial slurs and remarks, however, it can be a real catch 22 situation. Readers don’t like to see personal attacks or racially oriented posts but no one likes a censor either and people get suspicious when something gets deleted.

I’d like to appeal to everyone who posts here to help police the blog themselves and let anyone who steps out of line know it’s not only unacceptable to management, it’s unacceptable to other posters as well. Seahawk Addicts posters should stand together for anyone who writes an article or posts a comment here at SA. We should make everyone feel welcome and safe posting here as long as they respect our rules and stay on topic. None of us should have to suffer a personal attack because we endorsed an idea or player/coach connected with the Seahawks. Attack the posters position, his ideas and proclamations, or the accuracy of his data but don’t get personal. Instead of saying “You’re an idiot to suggest…..”, say something like “I don’t agree with your suggestion to ……”. Instead of saying “WTF. Don’t you know anything about football with your stupid idea to….. “, say something like “I’m not sure your idea makes good football sense to….”. You guys all know what I’m talking about. Don’t attack the man, attack what he has to say. Debate the issue and don’t bicker trading derogatory personal remarks.

If a poster crosses the line, everyon needs to let him know like many of you did last Summer when a poster was including racial remarks in his comments. Many of you Addicts let him know his comments weren’t welcome and if he didn’t clean it up, neither was he. You should do the same for any poster bringing personal attacks into play against anyone who posts or writes for the blog. If the violator sees that other posters object to his comment, he’ll either realize that he was out of line and apologize or understand no one is going to read or respond to his comments or endorse anything he has to say. We can effectively ban him by not communicating with him beyond criticizing his personal attack.

I give any poster a chance to stop his insults but the second time and beyond, he’ll be censored in some way. I’ll either delete his comment or delete the offending material from it (or I have an idea that could even be fun). I hope everyone observes what material does get censored and notes that nothing is getting touched just because someone disagreed with me. Anyone with a complaint of that nature, can make their case and I will respond.

I’ve been asked by a few of you to write about Ruskell’s resignation and Mora’s firing. I had a couple of articles about Ruskell and Carroll in work when I retired so I’ll finish them up and publish by Friday. They are typical BillT articles and go around 2000 words each so be forewarned. The articles are as true to my real feelings and opinions as possible. I expect disagreement, concurrence, and maybe even some indifference but I don’t expect to have to read insults directed at me because of the subject or my opinion on that subject. I realize that Ruskell is still a painful topic for some but don’t shoot the messenger, however, say whatever you want about the article. Remember, if you want to strongly disagree, the article is stupid, not me. I also have a number of observations about the new regime that will be a follow up article probably on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who gave me support either in a comment or in your own hearts. As Gene Autry used to sing, “I’m back in the saddle again. Back where a friend is a friend.”. Watch for my Ruskell reaction Friday. I’m sure it will annoy some of you if for no other reason, it’s long.



Back In The Saddle Again

by: William P. Tomisser

Hey gang, I just got back from an almost 6 long week vacation to Europe and Russia. I’ve been completely suppressed from using the Internet while in Russia the last three weeks so I’m still catching up on Seahawk events. I hope to be contributing to the blog again within the next week as soon as I’m up to date. Hope everyone is having a great summer and I’m really glad to be home again where “football” really means football and not some other sport played with a silly round ball. Wow, American football really dies fast when you cross the big pond.