Williams to Try Out; Marshall Talks Heat Up

Written by Mike Parker, posted by Steve Middleton

The Seahawks will be taking a look at former first-round pick WR Mike Williams during this week’s scheduled minicamp, which begins Tuesday.

Williams is familiar with head coach Pete Carroll, having excelled under his tutelage at USC for two seasons. Unfortunately, after being selected 10th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft, Williams saw a steep drop-off in his performance as a pro. He’s only managed 44 receptions for 539 total yards and two touchdowns since then and has the look of a journeyman career in the NFL, as he’s already been picked up and dropped by both the Raiders and Titans.

Perhaps Carroll believes in Williams, much like he may with the other wide receiver trying out for the Hawks who shares the same last name. The Raiders haven’t exactly had an ideal quarterback situation in recent years, and the Titans aren’t known for their passing attack either. The Seahawks have nothing to lose by giving both Reggie and Mike Williams a look during this week’s minicamp, as the team could use more depth at wideout.

Speaking of depth at wideout, Jason LaConfora at NFL.com is saying today that talks could “heat up” this week as far as a Brandon Marshall trade is concerned. Seattle is still the team showing the most interest in Marshall, and another report from the Denver Post is confirming that the troubled wideout will in fact be traded during this offseason.

My guess is the Broncos will cave and take the 60th overall selection for Marshall, and the Seahawks may throw in Chris Spencer as additional compensation. The Broncos need interior linemen, but more importantly they need to get rid of Marshall.