49ers Fire Coach Mike Singletary

First of all, I apologize for no articles today. I was working all day and could not write anything from work and the other writers could not contribute to the website due to prior obligations.

I came home from work and heard that the Seahawks got blown out by the Bucs. I was shocked! I thought that we had a fighting chance but I was wrong.

We face a Rams team next Sunday night, flexed thanks to the NFL, that has already beaten the Seahawks this year. The Rams look like the only consistent team in the NFC West. Frankly at this point I don’t see the Seahawks winning. Matt Hasselbeck is injured and Charlie Whitehurst does not look like the QB of the future.

I also just saw that the 49ers, due to the loss to the Rams today, just fired head coach Mike Singletary. That is no surprise. The 49ers look good on paper but they don’t look good playing football.

At least all of Addicts out there have a blog to discuss for the night. Again, I apologize but paying the bills comes first.

Have at it!