Who Needs Rookies, Anyway?

The current Seahawks coaching staff has some explaining to do, and here’s hoping someone actually calls them out. The team has four rookies who play regularly enough to be considered a real part of the 45-man active game roster. Here are their snap counts this week, courtesy of Brian McIntyre.

Max Unger – 44/44 (100%)
Aaron Curry – 31/72 (43%)
Nick Reed – 21 / 72 (29%)
Deon Butler – 2/44 (4.5%)

So, anything jump out at you there? Well, for one, our 7th round DE logged almost as many snaps as the 4th overall pick this week. Not just that, but Aaron Curry sat out more than half of the defensive snaps! Who played more than Curry? Here are some: Lawyer Milloy, Darryl Tapp, Leroy Hill (though he was only in 82% of snaps), Cory Redding. Ken Lucas, our de facto sixth DB, played almost as many snaps as our heavily-invested-in starting linebacker. Really guys?

Deon Butler continued to not get a chance to play, despite the fact that a) the season is over, b) Deion Branch is likely gone after this year, and c) you spent a ton to get Deon Butler — three draft picks including next year’s third rounder.

What is going on?