Who is Ruston Webster?

Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke announced that Ruston Webster would be the interim GM / President in Tim Ruskell’s stead. That’s good and fine, but who the hell is Ruston Webster? Oh! I’m so glad you asked.

Webster has been the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Seahawks for the last three years under Tim Ruskell. Prior to that, he worked for the Bucs since 1988 where he had a variety of roles. Webster is known across the league for having an excellent eye for talent and is well respected. He helped build the Bucs first Super Bowl (Warren Sapp being a key cog). He’s smart, quiet, and, again, well respected. Years ago, Doug Farrar wrote up a good piece on Webster which you can find here.

He’s also your GM for at least five more weeks (we presume). It is a possibility that Webster will stick around as GM. One of the main rumors being circulated in the past week is that Webster would take the GM position if Mike Holmgren took the Parcells-esque President of Football Operations role. Webster reportedly worked well with Holmgren and both have experience with Jim Mora. Now, while a lot would love Holmgren to step in and be the hero of the universe, it’s not a done deal and I would caution people not to get your hopes up. It could happen, yes, it’s going to be a “sure thing” up until the point that it doesn’t happen, at which point it will probably be clear that it was never going to happen.

The offseason started today in a lot of ways, and that’s when this blog thrives. Everyone can cover the regular season, but we’ll continue to do our best to bring you all the news and analysis we can handle. To all our new readers (Thanks Danny!), welcome! and thanks for reading.