What I’m Thankful For

This has been another awful year of Seahawks football, so it’s sometimes tough to get past the crappiness and into the good stuff. Here are a few things I’m thankful for regarding this current, and past, Seahawks team:


  1. Paul Allen
  2. Brandon Mebane
  3. An expectation of winning — do the Browns fans have that?
  4. Justin Forsett
  5. Memories of Cortez Kennedy destroying everything he wanted to whenever he wanted to
  6. Nick Reed, David Hawthorne, Jordan Babineaux… the fact that our team can hit on late round talent, even if they miss on first rounders sometimes.
  7. Lawyer Milloy back home in Seattle, possibly teaching another local boy how to play hard-hitting NFL Safety in 2010 (Taylor Mays)
  8. Spaghetti. Okay, irrelevant, but delicious no?
  9. Walter Jones; he still counts right?
  10. Josh mo-flippin Wilson.
Note: that is not in any specific order, though Paul Allen and Brandon Mebane are right near the top. Hit us with your list, and Happy Thanksgiving, Addicts! Go binge on football and tryptophan!
EDIT: Uhm, oh yeah, and friggin’ MATT HASSELBECK. Thanks guys… to be fair, it was late… or early. I dont’ really remember…