What Does Ruston Webster Represent?

John Morgan over at Field Gulls has written a piece introducing Ruston Webster our interim General Manager. Within the piece, Rob Rang is quoted as describing him like this:

“Webster is very highly regarded throughout the league for his eye for talent and dedication to the craft,” Rang said. “He and Ruskell seem to share similar philosophies on grading prospects. Both have the ability to locate players outside of the first few rounds that fit the specific requirements of the schemes their coaches prefer. Each also shows the ability to accurately project the board, maneuvering through the draft to address positions of need, while still maintaining value.

Morgan later describes what Webster represents to the Seahawks:

“Promoting Webster to President and General Manager retains the methodology that earned Seattle so many talented late and mid-round selections. It, hopefully, dismisses the reactive and often hasty roster maneuvers and free agent signings.

Webster is a guarded favorite. He knows Seattle’s players, is likely to retain Seattle’s coaching staff and is the best candidate to build off what Ruskell has started. He isn’t an offensive mastermind or high profile, and for the people who “hate” Ruskell, rationally or irrationally, Webster is a conservative, graceful pick and not a radical, franchise-rebuilding pick.

If you think Seattle is rebuilding but on its way, and the team itself can convince the front office of that by winning, Webster is a solid candidate. If you think this ship needs to be sunk, and only as many players as can fit on life rafts retained, Webster is little more than a middle man, riding the ship down in place of the departed captain.”

It’s an interesting read. Webster might represent the good part of Ruskell’s tenure while perhaps eliminating some of the things people have taken issue with like the stringent adherence to character as an absolute given while selecting players. Apparently, Webster is more likely to cast a wider net and allow for some character issues to not be deal killers. If the Seahawks want to have as minimal impact as possible with the coming changes, keeping Webster would represent a way to maybe insert someone like Mike Holmgren into the picture as President and keep someone who is considered a personnel guru equal to Ruskell as the main talent finder under him as GM. Whatever your beliefs, everyone should read the full article so they better understand who is currently leading the Seahawks and what he would represent to the franchise if he were retained as the GM after the search is completed.

Some of you guys have indicated that maybe having an offensive talent guru and a defensive minded personnel man in the front office might resolve the issue of one or the other side of the team being ignored in the future. If we had someone like Holmgren as President and Webster as GM we might have both sides of the ball covered for the first time in a long while. Food for thought as we try to find a solution to the problem of getting this team back into contention.