Week 7 Preview – Seahawks vs. BYE

Okay, so hey, no game today means no crushing disappointment for fans. Excellent! Just because the Seahawks can’t lose today doesn’t mean they can’t win.


  1. San Francisco @ Houston – This is a tough match up for the 49ers. Almost no one has found a way to stop Andre Johnson for a full game this year, and believe it or not, Matt Schaub is just about the top QB in the league at the moment (at least, y’know, fantasy-wise). Houston is a tough place to play, and if they can manage to get a few points early, the 49ers will be out of it in a hurry. This game marks the NFL debut of Michael Crabtree, and you had better believe that Singletary is starting him early because this is the one game the 49ers have in Texas, Crabtree’s home state. Still, the Texans have the huge edge here — a competent defense, very strong offense, and the ability to get points on the board quickly.
  2. Arizona @ New York Giants – The Cardinals just dominated a division rival with an excellent game plan and good execution. The Giants just got absolutely decimated to a team they thought they matched up well against. Who has the edge? I say the mad-as-hell-not-gonna-take-it-any-more Giants. Even with their injury problems, the Giants have a good to great defense, and an utterly competent offense. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are a tandem unlike any the Cardinals have faced to date this year, and Jacobs is getting tired of the criticism. I think this game should be close, but I don’t think the Cards pick up a win on the road here.
  3. Indianapolis @ St Louis – Should be a nail biter.
So there you go. Three probable losses in the NFC West. Any of them could be wins (just kidding, Colts fans), but I think the odds are in the Seahawks favor here. Yes, we’re 2-4, but by the end of the day the standings could look like this:
  1. San Francisco  3 – 3
  2. Arizona Cardinals 3 – 3
  3. Seattle Seahawks 2 – 4
  4. St. Louis Rams 0 – 7