Walter Jones News and Where Do We Go From Here?

The answer appears to be… not yet? In effect though, I think we can probably start coming to terms with the fact that Walter Jones is going to be done this year, if he isn’t yet there. It was announced this morning that Walt will not be available until at least after the Bye for the Cowboys game on November 1. At that time, the Seahawks and Jones will assess where he’s at and what will be done. My gut feeling is that Walter Jones will never again don a Seahawks uniform on game day, but I hope I’m wrong.

So, what does it take to get this team back in the Super Bowl? The season is not over, not even close, but with Walter Jones and Matt Hasselbeck both getting older and nearing the end of their careers (or at least contracts), the question must be asked. Rob Staton has an awesome piece – one of the best I’ve read in quite awhile – on precisely this issue. How long will it take the Seahawks to rebuild their core? Have we recovered from Alexander’s departure yet, and if not, when will we? You’ve got to check it out. Here’s Rob:

Next year’s draft more than any other seems, at least on paper, to be the perfect platform to begin a rebuild. Two first round picks and three picks in the first sixty-four selections gives the team a chance to stock up on young talent. However, they may find limited options if they do intend to invest in a new offensive core in 2010.