Walt to Get Another Knee Surgery

Walter Jones is going under the knife yet again, having arthroscopic knee surgery today. Now, this isn’t gloom and doom, as Sando notes, this is fairly regular (a follow-up to a major knee surgery) and with almost a full month before the regular season starts, Jones could still play a full season… still, was it a mistake to rely so heavily on the health of a 35-year old?

One question that has been kicking around in my head of late is whether it was a mistake to pass on one of the Left Tackles this year? Many of you made the argument in the buildup to the draft, but how do you feel now with Curry on this squad? I made no bones about my wont for Michael Oher and, based on reports of him coming out of Baltimore, he has looked very good so far. Eugene Monroe would also potentially be an upgrade over our current situation if Jones is not healthy.

IF and it is a big IF (hence the caps, y’know) Walter Jones cannot be a successful performer for the Seahawks this year, the team will suffer. If Marcus Trufant is the same way (another big if), our only-slightly-improved secondary will likely look pedestrian again. Can Lucas and Wilson handle the task? I have my doubts, though I like both.

For those keeping track at home, this is the worst day of the off-season.