Updating Thread – Hawks v Packers

12:09 – I quit. R-Rated thread coming up.

11:52 – Back from the half with a nice return by Forsett.

11:42 – 24-3 at the half. Are you as tired of this as I am?

11:20 – 21 – 3. Goooo Seahawks!

11:07 – Matt Hasselbeck is officially the franchise leader for career passing yards. Congrats to him.

11:02 – I wonder how many people are still watching this game?

10:55 – Matt Hasselbeck with another redzone interception. Could readily be 14-0. Good thing that Housh slipped and then just laid on the ground like a jackass.

10:51 – Nice drive so far by the Hawks. Two long completions (for us) and a nifty run by Forsett.

10:44 – Down 14-0 with 23 seconds left in the first quarter. That’s booty.

10:35 – With less than 3 minutes left in the first quarter, Hasselbeck has not yet thrown a pass beyond the line of scrimmage. KNAPPED!

10:31 – Is it just me, or are all the punt returners terrified of fielding a ball?

10:28 – What the hell was that penalty on Hawthorne? Ahh, they meant Babineaux. 2 and 5 are similar.

10:25 – Jon Ryan is probably our MVP. Considering that Olindo Mare probably was last year, I think we might have a crappy team.

10:23 – Wow, Max Unger just got clowned. Forsett didn’t help, but wow, umburrasskin.

10:21 – Brian McIntyre: “The more I think of that Hasselbeck INT, the more I pin it on Knapp. A play-action misdirection bootleg on 3rd and inches? WOW.”

10:17 – That’s why you shouldn’t turn the ball over. The embarrassment begins! I’ve never seen a poorer pass from Matt.

10:13 – Hasselbeck with an interception… like, literally, the worst interception I’ve ever seen. No White Shirt was within twenty feet of Hawk. Unbelievable.

10:11 – I was stuck listening to that three and out, but it is very clear that Darryl Tapp wants to show Rodgers just what kind of bite he has. Ba-Boom! The run game has looked good early on.

You know the drill!