Updating Game Thread – Hawks v. Texans

12:22 – I’m done. Go enjoy your Sunday. R-Rated Post coming right up…


12:09 – Love him or hate him, and I love the guy, but I think these last three games sound a lot like a death knell for Matt Hasselbeck’s Seahawks career. It’s not only the offensive line that is to blame, he just has no zip on his passes right now, he can’t hit his players in stride, can’t nail the outside passes…


12:05 – Do we even have an offensive line? We are legitimately bottom five in the league at times.

11:59 – Two hours in and we are still looking terrible. Womp wah.

11:49 – Hasselbeck back in.

11:44 – Seneca Wallace appears to be a rogue agent doing work for Matt Hasselbeck, proving once and for all that Seneca Wallace is a terrible quarterback. Also, this is a terrible team with a terrible coaching staff. This is a house that must be cleansed.

11:42 – Hasselbeck gets nailed on a two-step drop, lands awkwardly on his right shoulder. He’s hurting, Seneca’s in, we’re an embarrassment, another fumbled snap. Why the hell is Chris Spencer in with a broken thumb? We’ve been asking for four weeks, it’s clearly still affecting him.

11:27 – Hawks dodge a field goal bullet at the end of the half. Good thing Mora called a time out to let them get into FG position.

11:21 – Touchdown John Carlson. And stuff. Sigh.

11:10 – Seahawks block a kick (nice work, Terrill!) then drive down the field like they mean it. Weird.

10:57 – Aaron Curry just absolutely destroyed Lawyer Milloy. He’s playing like a talented high school player, not an NFL rookie of the year.

10:46 – “Texans are playing like a team that want to keep their head coach around.” Clearly the Seahawks are not. I mean, really, have we ever looked this bad? This is worse than the Colts, Cardinals, or Vikings blow outs.

10:42 – Oh yeah, and a blocked punt. Might be the worst game of the year, and hopefully enough to drive some of these coaches out of town, if not Mora himself.

10:38 – SENECAT PACKAGE ON THIRD AND THREE. I F%^$ hate, HATE, hate hate hate Greg Knapp. This team is unwatchable. I want to puke. This is now an R-Rated Post.

10:34 – It is literally unbelievable how bad the Seahawks are at times. We go from being a middle-of-the-pack team to a bottom 5 team in no time flat. Unbelievably bad. 17 – 0.

10:26 – Andre Johnson is hurting after a weird knee tackle by Jordan Babineaux. Wasn’t dirty, but, ow.

10:23 – Great job by Aaron Curry to give away 15 yards. Good thing he’s not too tired to play on special teams, but we can’t risk having his wittle wegs get tired on third downs. This team is just almost universally irritating at this point.

10:22 – Two drives, 6 plays, 11 yards.

10:18 – The Texans are on pace for 1,455 yards. Today.

10:15 – Mebane with great pressure up the middle to force the field goal. Texans 10 – Seahawks 0

10:10 – I missed the initial touchdown (blinked), but wow was Trufant beat big time. Is it time for us to start calling into question whether he really is as good as we’ve long believed he is? Last year was fine, but not great, and this year he’s been very bad, borderline awful.

10:07 – A great start for the Seahawks, easy touchdown, then a big hit on Hasselbeck followed by a false start, then BOOM a fumbled snap. Way to go Seahawks, way to go!!

John Lynch continues to sing the praises of the Seahawks. I’m okay with that. The Hawks have a renewed sense of purpose and energy? I’m not so sure, we have won two in a row, but it’s hard to meter the skill level of a team who only wallops poor teams. Not that I’m not happy about those losses, but this is a much bigger test of whether we’re a real football team or not.

If the Hawks can beat the Texans — talented, if ineffective — on the road at 10 am… well, that’s the kind of momentum builder we need going into next year. Prove that there is no 10 am curse. DO IT. Imagine going into next year without having to add that caveat to every single 10 am road game? We already counted 6 as losses going into the season, more or less. Let’s do this! GO HAWKS!!!