Thoughts on the Blow-up

You’ve probably all heard the audio by now, so here are my quick, generally anger-filled thoughts on the Houshmandzadeh / Branch audio from earlier:

  • Houshmandzadeh and Branch both need to be gone. Not only are they cocky and untalented, they are also punks. Branch is just a complete and total idiot, and one of the least talented idiots in the NFL, but Houshmandzadeh is another beast all together. The way he attacked Millen (who I strongly dislike, for what its worth) was childish and unfair.
  • It was very unfortunate that it took such brash jerks to finally speak the truth. The fact is, this coaching staff sucks. They don’t understand, especially on the offensive side, how to get men open, how to use their personnel, how to do anything but stroke the egos of their players like Hasselbeck (who probably deserves it), Julius Jones (shrug) and Houshmandzadeh (grrr). This has become a complete and total joke.
  • Jim Mora has lost the team. I’ve been saying this for about a month now, but I think this has finally proven it. Not only did Housh and Branch attack the playcalling of Knapp, they personally went after Hugh Millen (mostly Housh) who everyone knows is best friends with Jim Mora. That disrespectful attack on Millen was intended as much for Mora as anyone else.
  • Greg Knapp is as disliked in the locker room as he is in the fanbase. He is toast, and Mora brought him here with no other options even considered. Fail.
  • Houshmandzadeh has to go. He is worthless on the field and poison elsewhere. Honestly, I have no idea how he is in the locker room, but I can tell you how he is on the sidelines and I can tell you where it has led this team. If the new GM can’t unload this sack of trash, Housh may go down as a bigger mistake than even Hutchinson.
  • Branch has to go. Deion Branch is one of the worst wide receivers in the league, and he’s also an arrogant assclown. Hey Deion, quick fact check: you’ve had ONE GOOD SEASON. Period. You’ve never had more than 5 TDs, never topped 1,000 yards, never been anything. The one good year you had was with the arm of one of the best QBs in the history of the league and he’s already proven he can put up similar numbers with a guy like Julian Edelman or Jabbar Gaffney. At least back then you could run, but in Seattle, you’ve failed at every aspect of this game. We bought your jersey, and you quickly made it a faux pas to wear it. GO AWAY.
  • As a profound believer in Tim Ruskell’s program for four and a half years, I think I feel a little bit like Bernie Madoff’s victims. It was all too good to be true, but we couldn’t all see it right away.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the worst crisis in confidence since we almost lost the team. The Seattle Seahawks are a disaster, and not a single key persons’ hands are dirty.