Third Quarter: Defensive Adjustments

Well, ask and I shall receive — the Seahawk defense has brought more pressure to Alex Smith, forcing more bad throws and frantic scrambling.

It’s worth mentioning that the defense also stuffed Frank Gore at his own 1-yard line twice in a row, and looked like they could score a safety until Smith was able to find Michael Crabtree for a first down.

Also, Matt Hasselbeck just made everyone hold their breath for a good 15 seconds after his attempt to convert a 3rd-and-one led to what easily could’ve been an aggravated set of ribs. The Niners defense stopped him short of the first down (in another horrible play call) and Matt was slow to get up. By the way, it’s probably worth mentioning that the Seahawks are 3-12 on 3rd down conversions today, but the 49ers are 1-10 on the same statistic. Wow.

Julius Jones continues to get carries and do very little with them, but he does have 53 total rushing yards so far. It’s a misleading statistic

I’ve also counted five “gamebreaks with Curt Menefee” during this broadcast. It’s a bad sign when the networks are channel-surfing for you. I’ve just told myself that it’s a great example of how the NFL feels about NFC West games.