Super Bowl Sunday

by: Chris Sullivan

Well guys, the day is finally upon us. Super Bowl XLIII in beautiful Tampa, Florida pitting the Seattle Seahawks against the 18-1 New England Patriots!

Oh wait.

Right right, it’s the Tardinals vs. the Stealers, sure to be a phenomenal battle for the the title of “Most Hated Team Other Than the Raiders to Seahawks Fans.” And the world championship, but y’know, whatever.

The Seahawk Addicts faithful definitely favor the Cardinals in this one, though I just can’t get behind that. I don’t really favor the Steelers either, but I can’t route for the Cards. I tried to… but I can’t. I would like the SB Losers curse to give us an extra kick next year towards beating their bird butts into the ground.

Either way, I’m hoping for a good game and FAIR officiating. That’s really all that matters… the key things I’ll be watching, feel free to add your own…

  • Can Ike Taylor control Larry Fitzgerald? Can anyone?
  • Can Kurt Warner handle the pressure well? I am certain the Steelers will be bringing the heat, if Warner can stay focused the Cards have a good chance of winning.
  • How many times will Cris Collinsworth complement Fitzgerald’s hands? I’m guessing five.
  • Will Ben Roethlisberger compete with himself for lowest QB Rating in a Super Bowl? He’s got to beat 22.3, I believe. Could be tough…
  • How important is Boldin in this game? The Cards have a couple of reasons to focus on him: 1) if they want to trade him, a Super Bowl MVP tag really increases a player’s value [cough cough Branch cough]; 2) the Steelers game plan is most likely Fitzgerald-centric… if Boldin becomes the center of the offense for the first two quarters, Fitz could potentially turn it on once they shake their gameplan a bit at the half.

Finally, do you guys want a chat room for the game today? Lemme know. I for one will not be around to chat in it, and I imagine a lot of you won’t be either, but I’m happy to toss it up if you’d like.