Sullivan’s Schedule

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey guys and gals, I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that I am going to be without home internet until January 15th, so my blog updates will be limited to the few I can sneak in at work (don’t tell, Ben) and Twitter updates from my phone. I’ll still have my computer and will be only five minutes away from the internet at any time, so if things start breaking, I’ll try to be there–email me if you have some good info.
Luckily, this shouldn’t really matter because everyone else on the team will be around to pick up my slack–yeahhh teamwork! I’ll be checking my email frequently, so feel free to shoot me a note especially if anything is breaking. If you follow us on Twitter, “tweet me” and that will send me a text message so I’ll get it instantly.
Anyway, I’m moving into a new home (who buys at a time like this? Me, apparently), so the next few days will be hellacious. After that, things should calm down a bit and I’ll be doing my best to get posts up. Doesn’t really matter though, cuz everyone else will be killlllin’ it I’m sure. Bye!