Sports Blog Heisman

Well, it isn’t going to count for much, but the fine folks over at The Blue Workhorse, a fellow Bloguin site, put together a ballot for other sports blogs to throw in their votes for the Heisman. All told, there were 71 ballots submitted and there are a couple of nice surprises. Any college player was eligible, not just the finalists. Check out the final tabulation HERE.

Below the fold you can find my submission…


3. Jake Locker – Statistically, Locker doesn’t break the top ten, but he has two things going against him: first, he’s in a west coast-style offense rather than a crazy-ass spread or octuple option super system; secondly, Locker has had to create the talent around him, rather than be carried forward by them. He has no line to block for him and a bunch of two star WRs he’s throwing at.

2. Mark Ingram – Toby Gerhart is a tempting pick, especially for a west coast guy such as myself. He’s got more yards and more TDs than Ingram… however, Ingram gets the nod because he is a more talented back. Ingram plays against dramatically better defenses in the SEC than anyone in the Pac 10. Beyond that, Ingram absolutely destroyed the Florida Tebows, and for that alone, he gets a hug.

1. Ndamakong Suh – It’s a stretch, and I know that, but defense matters and without Suh and the Nebraska defense, the Cornhuskers would remain the same crappy anonymous team they’ve been for the last ten years. Suh is just a phenom to watch, and is exactly the kind of athlete that deserves college’s highest honor.