Shotgun Wedding

Greg Knapp hasn’t exactly made a lot of fans since coming to Seattle. One of the things that bugs me about Knapp is that he seems to pound his players head against proverbial walls, hoping for a different result. We’ve all talked the run game to death, ditto third and one play-action. There’s plenty to not like, but one of the things I’ve found pretty interesting is our use of the Shotgun formation.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love the Shotgun. In general, it’s more efficient in both the pass and run game. It takes some of the pressure off the o-line and quarterback, buying a bit of time to let the play develop. Unfortunately, the Hawks aren’t good at it. Now, that’s not a totally fair statement, because the Hawks aren’t good offensively anyway.

Still, the Seahawks rank 25th in efficiency from the shotgun formation, compared to 22nd from under center. That might not sound too dramatic, but the difference is the fifth largest in the league, meaning not only are we bad at both, we’re dramatically bad from the shotgun formation. Okay, so, that’s too bad. But what’s my beef against Knapp?

The Seahawks, despite being dramatically worse in the shotgun formation, use it 41% of the time, good for 13th in the league. What the hee-haw? Now, I think a large part of this is that everyone’s favorite boyfriend Mike Holmgren basically refused to use the shotgun formation and never let his players practice it. Other than the ZBS implementation, the heavy reliance on the shotgun is the biggest change the Hawks have made since last year. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to figure out how to execute it.