Second Half Updater

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10:10 – Game, set, match. Warren Moon just referred to #37 as “Cornelius Greene.” Lock it up! The Hawks win this one!

10:04 – Our front seven looks great right now, our cornerbacks look awful. Great pressure though, Laury and Walker blasted Whitehurst.

10:03 – Nick Reed almost got another one, he’s just blowing through that tackle like it’s a blitz pickup drill with Devin Moore. Then on the next play, Will Herring just absolutely destroyed Whitehurst!

10:02 – Jon Ryan has looked good tonight. 77 yard punt! Nice. His average is probably a bit above fifty.

9:52 – Just heard a “Let’s Go Seahawks!” chant in San Diego. 12th Man! Also, touchdown SD but a nice hit by Herring.[Read More]

9:47 – Rob Sims is so Raven! Damn, he benches in the mid-400s, trying to get back into the 500s. Also, Marquis Floyd looks terrible.

9:46 – Coutu nails another 38 yard field goal. More just picked up a slug/butterfly/fairy off the field and threw it at Julius Jones. Hah!

9:42 – Devin Moore reminds me a lot of someone… who could it be. #30 last year? Fact. He’s just blowing through holes! Rowe throws to Payne deep, not close but pass interference is called on the rookie CB. Ball inside the SD 30, lets see Moore break one!

9:40 – The Good: Kevin Hobbs has 5 tackles tonight, nice! The Bad: That’s because he hasn’t stopped anyone from catching the ball.

9:35 – Seneca Wallace just basically stated that the Seahawks would use the Wildcat in the season opener against the Rams. At least, that’s how I read it. Anyone else hear that?

9:28 – First field goal attempt after a sputtering offense there, we’ve got Coutu for 38 – easy cheesy. 17-7. Coutu followed that effort up with a kickoff to the goal line.

9:24 – Reed with the I-N-T! He’s looking great tonight! By the way, the Sounders are winning 2-0.

9:20 – Owen Schmitt with a late hit, what was he thinking there? He probably wasn’t. Nice swarm on the ball carrier. Lance Laury is quietly having a good day, and Nick Reed is just constantly in on the quarterback. Hobbs looks bad for the most part.

9:15 – Kelly Jennings interception! Jennings has had excellent coverage all night, but has been stinking it up when the ball is in the air. Nice play there. Meanwhile, Forsett is looking very average right now, while Nick Reed appears to be the player of the game with two sacks and just a disruptive presence all night. Right after saying J-Force looks average he almost broke one for a TD. Greg Knapp gave Teel a nice little lesson after a poor throw.

9:14 – Brandon Coutu is not doing himself any favors. Three poor kickoffs, this one by far the worst. I’m rooting for Coutu though, because I think Mare might have some trade value.

9:11 – TOUCHDOWN Mike Hass! Very nice pass by Teel, he’s throwing hard and on target, much better than I’d seen at Training Camp.

9:09 – Got that interception back real quick! Baraka Atkins and Michael Bennett got great pressure on Prince Charming with Atkins knocking the ball out of his hands. #99 recovered (Derek Walker?).

9:04 – Interception by Teel, Obamanu didn’t have a chance at it, but boy he sure didn’t do a lot to try to knock it down once it was in the air. 100% effort 100% of the time, Obo!!!

9:02 – Forsett’s second half so far: 4 carries for 5 yards. Come on J-Force! Joe Newton just made a nifty catch, but good gravy I think I’ve got bigger calves then him.

8:59 – Defense continues to look pretty good, I love Nick Reed’s motor and Red Bryant continues to make me want to eat non-stop for days. Whatever that means. Touchback on the punt, though it should have been inside the five. I’ll take that break any day of the week. Butler is still back on punt returns, looks like they really want to see what he can do.

8:53 – Three and out for the Hawks. Deon Grant is being interviewed and just noticed how much the Chargers were huffing and puffing in the first half, while the Hawks were in “better shape.” Heh, nice.

8:49 – Nick Reed with a sack! Nice man! Derek Walker put pressure on the next play, then Baraka Atkins tipped that pass. Aaron Curry was raging, it looked like he thought he had the pick if it wasn’t deflected. Dang!

8:43 – Mike Teel just had a beautiful throw downfield to Ben Obamanu, weaving it through some defenders. Forsett isn’t looking quite so hot right now, and just got absolutely uprooted by LB Ellison, getting flipped! Third down out of shotgun, poor snap and a drop by Mike Hass. First time I’ve seen him drop a ball!