Seahawks 2008 Defensive Roundup

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Sando has pointed his readers to a verrrry interesting piece over at‘s Seahawks page that looks at the team’s defense in 2008. Brian McIntyre does a great job looking at the data and a quick read of the post raises some questions.

First, why did the Seahawks defense only have 10 players on the field on three plays? heh.

Second, with D.D. Lewis coming up strong and our defensive ends struggling, why was Julian Peterson not moved to DE? He played roughly 30% of his snaps there and achieved four of his five sacks from the end position. With LoJack struggling and Tapp disappearing for spells at a time, why not put JP down there? One of the things I dreamt about last offseason was a JP/LoJack/Bernard/Kerney pass rush, but it was not to be. Hopefully our DC next year looks a bit closer at Peterson in that role if we don’t draft a top-flight pass rusher.

Third, if Brian Russell got more defensive snaps than any other Seahawk, why was he never in the right place? The odds really were in his favor, yeah?

Go ahead guys and gals, what other questions jump out at you here? We know that LoJack disappointed a bit in his rookie year, but did we use him appropriately? Where does he fit–as a small interior lineman or a big outside guy? Should we move him to LB? Safety? Kicker?