Seahawk Sack Stats

Went through every Seahawks sack so far this year, and found a few interesting tidbits:

  • On drives where the Seahawks have managed to get a sack, they have given up precisely zero touchdowns and only four field goals. Sacks matter, no matter where they occur on the field.
  • Of the Seahawks’ 21 sacks, only 4 have come in the fourth quarter. This probably matters less than it sounds since we’ve been out of most games by the 4th quarter anyway. Hey now!
  • 9 of 21 sacks came in the first three games of the season against the Rams, 49ers and Bears who have a combined record of 9 – 21. Since then, 12 sacks in 7 games.
  • The Hawks have failed to sack their opponent twice this year – first in week 4 against the Colts and week 10 against the Cardinals. Two probably losses that could have turned the season on it’s head if we’d pulled off victories. Didn’t happen because, when it matters, the Seahawks do not get pressure.
  • 11 sacks have come in our opponents territory, 10 in Seattle territory. That was better than I had expected.
What else can you wean from my admittedly quick and dirty excel file?