Seahawk Quick Salary Cap Fixes?

by: Chris Sullivan

The Great Sandosky broke down the Seahawks’ cap space over at the NFC West Blog and found what we all sort of already knew: there are no quick fixes. Unlike the Rams, who can (and should) cut Holt and Pace to free up some $15 million in cap room, the Hawks have no easy cuts to free up space–cutting Kerney, for example, would actually remove cap room. Julian Peterson appears somewhat vulnerable, as cutting him would free up $4.2 million, but cutting either Branch or Russell saves the Hawks only about $1 million apiece. The most advantageous move, cap-wise, would be to cut Hasselbeck, but there should be no chance of that happening.

As always, we’ll just have to see what Mr. Ruskell has up his sleeve this year. ~END~