Schefter Lists some GM Candidates

A little tidbit from Adam Schefter to start your Sunday:

Three candidates linked to the Seattle Seahawks GM job: Arizona’s Steve Keim, Philadelphia’s Tom Heckert and San Diego’s Jimmy Raye.

So, who the hell are these guys? Well, Kyle Rota had a write-up over at the Seahawks Draft Blog that included a bit on Steve Keim. Here’s part of what Rota wrote(a):

Steve Keim, Director of Player Personnel, Arizona Cardinals: He played offensive line for NC State but never really made much impact professionally. He’s a younger guy, mid-late thirties (graduated college in 1995). Gets a lot of credit for the big draft picks Arizona has made, has a really good reputation.

Tom Heckert is the General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. Heckert acts basically in an advisory role in Philly to Andy Reid (who is both head coach and executive VP of football operations). It would make sense for Heckert to come over: he has a lot of experience scouting for West Coast offense fits, a seemingly lateral move would probably be considered a step-up for him (meaning, he could move from “GM” to GM), and he is still a bright young guy in the league (he’s only 42).

Jimmy Raye is the son of SF offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. That won’t be confusing at all. Raye is currently the head of pro and college scouting for the Chargers, and was head of college scouting from 2000-07.