Salary Cap Troubles?

by: Chris Sullivan

A number of people are talking about the Seahawks’ cap room this offseason being around $9 million, which should definitely concern us. I think that number might be off by a bit (Sando suggests that as of last week it was closer to $20 million), but it might not be. If we are really this low, then we most likely we have some tough cuts to make in addition to some contract restructuring. John Morgan at FieldGulls suggests that the prime candidates for being cut are Hasselbeck (will. not. happen.), Walter Jones (also won’t happen–you don’t cut a hall of famer outright, though there is a small chance– 10% maybe–that Walt will renegotiate his contract. He was willing to help keep Hutch, don’t forget).

Then there was Patrick Kerney, Julian Peterson (I believe both count about 9 million against the cap in 2009, though I haven’t looked it up recently and can’t at the moment), and Deon Grant. Any of these are possibilities, but I have to believe they are more likely to renegotiate than to be cut, especially since Mora helped bring Grant and Kerney onto the squad. Peterson would appear to outsiders as our most valuable guy (as the only Seahawk pro-bowler this year) but I think I am not alone in saying he may be our most expendable defender outside of the secondary.

If we go after Hill, I would be fine with the Seahawks trading Peterson if possible or cutting him if not, but I can’t imagine cutting a pro bowl linebacker outright. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but its a tough pill to swallow. Brian Russell may see his cap hit decrease from a few million to zilch, but Ruskell has made it sound like he has a future here (then again, Ruskell has said the same thing about everyone else who he has ever cut). Barring any major roster moves, the Seahawks will simply be unable to pursue free agents heavily; they will be forced to focus on holding money out for our draft picks, who will cost considerably more than they have in recent years.

How do you think this will go? Any salary cap experts out there want to give it a go? ~END~