Run, Run, Pass?

When Greg Knapp was brough in, a lot of people speculated that our offense was going to get boring, a bit predictable, and very run-centric. If the first preseason game is any indication, that would not appear to be the case.

In the preseason opener, the Seahawks passed 35 out of 68 plays, a hair over 50%. This belies the notion that, as some expected, we would be going “run, run, pass” on first, second, and third downs. While I tend to lean more towards a passing offense (at least until we get more reliable running the ball), I think having a nice balance is good. In reality, we saw a fair amount more running with the second and third stringers, with Forsett and Moore taking the lion’s share of the night’s rush attempts. It remains to be seen what our first team offense will balance out to be, but with these WRs and especially the TEs, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see us favor the pass slightly (53-55%) this season.

More tidbits from this great little data-set:

  • The Seahawks blitzed 21 times. Linebackers were sent on 18 of those blitzes.
  • 52 of our 68 offensive plays came from one of two formations. 3WR, 1TE, 1RB were the personnel for 17 plays (25%), while 2RB, 2WR, 1TE made up 51% of the plays. This can be a little misleading though, as our TEs can motion out to WRs.
  • There were only two plays with no TEs when the Hawks went into 4-wide sets. The fourth WR would often be John Carlson in the regular season.
  • The defensive lineman with the most playing time? Michael Bennett, who showed up in 49 of the 74 defensive snaps (66%). Cory Redding was last with 7 snaps. Bennett played exclusively at Defensive Tackle despite playing end in college. He had an excellent game.
  • While Aaron Curry played most of three quarters, he was only in for 24 snaps (32.4%). Lance Laury, David Hawthorne and Will Herring all got more playing time.
  • Jamar Adams was in the game for 2/3 of the team’s defensive plays. Not bad considering that he didn’t screw up.
  • Aaron Curry played 16 snaps at LB and 8 at end.
  • The Hawks were in their Base 4-3 for exactly half of the defensive snaps. 4-2-5 Nickel was 42% (with one 3-3-5 play) and there were five dime packages thrown on the field.