Revisiting the Value of Mare

Olindo Mare was thrown under the bus earlier in the year, as we all recall. The gut reaction was “oh snap, he’s getting cut!” But then, thankfully, he didn’t. Why am I thankful for that?

Olindo Mare currently leads the league in Touchback percentage (42.3%). Mare also leads the league in kicks inside the endzone with 75%. Our opponents have an average starting position (resulting from a kickoff) of the 23-yard line, good for sixth in the league. Now, mind you, that’s sixth in the league, but considering how awful our coverage teams have been, that’s pretty impressive. One of the best kick returns was Johnny Knox’s where he took the ball from 9 yards deep in the endzone, for example. That’s just bad coverage.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass those stats along, as they made my heart fill with warmth for the goofy looking, strangely named kicker who is still recovering from being thrown under the bus so dramatically.