(Re)-Introducing: Assclown of the Week

In lieu of actual news, which I’ve unfortunately been way too busy to keep up with of late (new boss at work = practically no blogging there), I thought we’d reintroduce a feature that people have been calling for since the day it was closed. The Assclown of the Week was a feature introduced right at the very beginning of Seahawk Addicts’ life. The inaugural assclown? None other than the prisoner to the businessman himself, Josh Brown.

Now, I’m going to need your help, but it must be in a specific manner. If you have a suggestion, email it to me at, do not email it to me at any other address or by any other means. It will be deleted and will actually never be seen. How do I know? Because I set up a filter in my email to insure it skips right to the trash. Sorry, but I get too much email to not have a dedicated Assclown mailbox. Uuuuse itttt.

Now then, without further ado:

The hot news out of Providence today is that Rhode Island police have arrested 14 people for prostitution. No big deal! However, unlike most prostitution stings, only 93% of the arrested individuals were not NFL Mascots. That’s right, Pat the Patriot, beloved, big-headed, weird-gloved Pat the Patriot is also getting his rocks off in Rhode Island. Really dude? Really? Did you read your job description? You assume an identity, put on a silly outfit, dance around a bit, and do everything you can for at least three hours to survive any ups and downs that come your way. Yeah, that’s your job, but its also the entire bar scene! Instead of using your on-the-job training for some extracurricular action, you had to break out your wallet to get your Bill belli-checked? Come ON!!! You, Pat the Patriot, are an ASSCLOWN!