Raiders Hire John Marshall

by: Mike Parker

Oh, the irony.

Danny O’Neill has reported that the Oakland Raiders are in closing talks with none other than John Marshall for their defensive coordinator job.

First of all, words can’t even begin to describe how amused I am at this. Marshall might’ve had his success as a defensive coach with the Seahawks a few years ago, but I don’t even have to go into detail about how bad the same defense that allowed 15 TD passes in 2007 looked in 2008 with Marshall calling the shots.

All in all, further proof that Al Davis is losing his mind and the Seahawks know when to cut their losses. In other words, all is right in the world.

Good luck with this one, Al! And don’t call up Jim Mora in the middle of the Week 4 game and yell about wanting a refund. We’ll love to say “we told ya so” in case you forget. -END-