The Seattle Seahawks are 2-5. They have had injury problems, yes, but they have been losing due to poor execution, game planning, and passion. Tim Hasselbeck asked a few weeks ago how well this team can handle adversity. It seems pretty clear that we have the answer, and its not the one we were hoping for.

This team just isn’t as good as we thought it was. There is no chemistry. The players have talent, and despite what a lot of people want to believe, Ruskell is not magically responsible for everything bad that happens to this team. You can’t give a player or coach credit when they’re good, but when they stink you take it up to the next level. The fact is, the players on this team, the coaches on this team, all the moving pieces of this team are not operating well.

So, here’s a short list of questions. I’m asking for you to continue the list, rather than answer the questions. We know there are a lot of questions, and we know that everyone has an opinion on it, but lets worry about that later. Here are some things bouncing around in my head after another shellacking.

  • How short is Jim Mora’s leash? We’ve heard nothing but positive things about him, but inheriting a team he knew very well with coaches he knew well, Mora has led a talented team to a 2-5 record. The inspiring motivated speaker act is wearing thin. Ultimately, Holmgren infuriated many of us, but he did one thing we were always okay with: win.
  • How much is left in Matt’s tank? And, really, will we be the team he hits E with? It seems unlikely that the Seahawks won’t end up drafting a quarterback in the first three picks next year, but whether it’s their top pick or the second rounder remains to be seen.
  • Will Greg Knapp every work again? Knapp’s play-calling and his general approach to the game appears to have been figured out around 2001. He seems to largely ignore his personnel. It’s one thing to suck with JaMarcus Russell but to suck with Hasselbeck with four talented WRs is a different thing altogether.
  • Who can we trade in the offseason? We have a lot of very talented players making a lot of very large paychecks. The cap implications aren’t a huge concern, but the fact that all those incredible talents can’t put together a 4-quarter game is. It looks like we need to start rebuilding, at least on offense, and to do that we’re going to need more draft picks, especially a third rounder (which we traded away last year).
  • Where will Tim Ruskell be in 2010? I still think it will be Seattle, but as the system he has built collapses — regardless of the reasons for the collapse — it may be time to look elsewhere. Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, Joe Gibbs, and of course, Mike Holmgren, all will be looking for a Bill Parcells-like deal at the end of this season, if the head coach jobs aren’t all they would want them to be.
What are your questions moving forward? Remember– no answers, we can worry about those later…