Players to Watch – Week Ten

The high-flying Seahawks take on the lowly Minnesota Vikings today in what is certain to be a blowout victory… right? Okay, so, maybe not. Rather than doing a Keys to the Game for this, um, underdog effort, I think I’ll focus on who I’m watching today. Let’s be honest, it’s all about planning for the future at this point…

  • Sean Locklear – everyone and their mother sees the Hawks taking a left tackle with one of our firsts next year, but if Locklear can manage a solid performance against Jared Allen, well, maybe we can push that off a bit? It’s unlikely (but then, so is Lock holding off Allen), but it’s worth watching.
  • Forsett & Rankin – now, let’s not fool ourselves. The Vikings are giving up only 94.6 rushing yards per game, good for sixth in the league. Still, both of them have an ability to break a long run, so who knows what’ll happen. Either way, watch their cuts and tackle breaking ability — which they both have. Rankin especially could become a threat today in the short pass game, as he does have the speed to break one anytime he touches the ball.
  • Deon Butler – will they find a way to use him? It seemed like a good deal at the time, but with no 3rd Round pick next year, Butler needs to start stepping up.
  • Jordan Babineaux / Lawyer Milloy – Why is Babs still starting? He’s young and struggling, and really, why wouldn’t he be starting? Still, Milloy is a great presence on the field, he’s an absolute beast with his tackling skills. I think that this team needs to watch him hit and tackle, and try to get that same intensity throughout the defense. It’s certainly good that we’re not missing as many tackles as last year, but still, I want to see some nasty tackles, bone crushers, nightmare-inducing, physical therapist-needing hits.
  • Darryl Tapp and Lawrence Jackson – especially with Tapp being a free agent at the end of the year, we need these guys to start stepping up even more than they have so far this year. They’re currently the best DEs on the team and, uh, that might not be a compliment.