No One is Safe? A look at Greg Knapp

This coming from Matt Hasselbeck (via Eric Williams):

“After the game Coach Mora was very blunt about our performance. He basically said, ‘Listen, I’m going to evaluate this organization up and down, and if I feel like I’ve got to make changes, I’m going to make changes. And if that means firing people, I’m going to fire people.’ So we’ve definitely been put on notice that the scrutiny is going to go up.”

Who could be fired? Well, plenty of people. Travis Fisher was let go today, but thats not a surprise, especially with news coming that Ken Lucas will be a-okay. Could Justin Forsett be on the line? He hasn’t worked out as a special teams player, but has shown a lot of promise as a third down back (though, his fumble yesterday was a huge buzzkill). But, what if this has less to do with the players and more to do with the coaches?

Is there any chance at all that Jim Mora could look at his old buddy, Greg “Frankenstein” Knapp and cut him loose? It would be a stretch, but a welcome one to many fans. Knapp has done very little to prove himself in this league, largely riding the success of the Garcia-Owens-Hearst trio in San Fran and a solid year in Atlanta with a team assembled by Dan Reeves. This year he has shown some uninspiring play calls and some silly wildcat stuff. I like a good trick play now and then, and it’s definitely exciting, but if you can’t execute it, you don’t need to try. I think we’ve run three Senecat plays this year and two were passes. The Wildcat is a running formation.

Now, the chances of Knapp getting the ax are minimal, some might say slim to none. But our offense is the biggest problem. Look at the positions — running backs have been okay between a hodge podge line, the line has been great considering the injury insanity, the WRs are good even if Housh is a whiner, Hasselbeck has been fine if spotty… so what’s the problem? Execution and play calling. At whose feet do those things fall? Offensive Coordinator.

But who takes his place? Well, Mike DeBord is an unlikely choice, but a dark horse candidate as he was OC at Michigan for four years, then Head Coach for at Central Michigan for 4 years, before going back to head the offense at Michigan for another couple years. More likely though is Mike Solari. Solari is our line coach, and a good one at that. He was the offensive coordinator in Kansas City for a year, but that didn’t work out so well. I’m uncertain if he called plays, but as Herm Edwards is a defensive guy, I imagine he did. Would it be a match made in heaven? No, but it would get us through the year.

Again, this won’t happen I don’t think. But we can dream, no?

Who would you most like to see replaced? (Mind you, Tim Ruskell is not an option as the head coach cannot fire his boss.)