NFL: Uh, so uh, woops?

The NFL contacted the Seahawks this morning to apologize for giving the Bears the game on Sunday, in so many words. According to KJR radio, the league has determined that there were two officiating errors in the game. Oh, and those two errors led to both Bears touchdowns. So, y’know, no biggie.

The first was on the Matt Forte fumble. Hawthorne forced and recovered a fumble on the 1 yard line. Lovie Smith challenged it, and Don “Leavy” Carey overturned the call on the field, which led to a touchdown pass. The second error came on the game-winning touchdown to Devin Hester, where there was an uncalled false start penalty. Carey also declined a penalty on the Seahawks behalf for no reason, and caused a number of mishaps. Why the hell does this man have a job in the NFL?

So, y’know, we lost. And, y’know, maybe we shouldn’t have. But we didn’t lose because of those calls, we lost because we didn’t seize the opportunities laid at our feet. The Bears did. They were given two touchdowns, and they made them count. We had plenty of points left off the board. We lost, fair and square, but the Bears did not win fair and square.

Oh, and uh, let’s make this an R-Rated post because… WTF, NFL?