Mora Presser – Sorry for Lateness!

You’ve read the stories by now, I’m sure, but it’s worth bringing up on here anyway — Mora was PISSED yesterday. In discussing Darnell Dockett’s sleazefest 2009 (forearm to the throat while Hasselbeck was down), Mora was annoyed and said that if it isn’t going to be called as a penalty, than the Seahawks need to start hurting the quarterback like that. Can a head coach advocate for something like that??

“If it’s legal I can,” Mora said. “If it’s illegal than it would be called. If it’s legal then we should be doing it. If it’s legal. I would never advocate us doing anything that’s illegal nor would I advocate us doing anything would hard — intentionally harm — another player.

“But if that’s legal, if the league is not going to call that then we should be doing it because it has an effect on the quarterback when he can’t breathe. When Matt’s getting up (making choking/gagging/wheezing sounds) and he can’t breathe, boy, I’d like to see their quarterback doing that. It’s a vicious game.”

So, what do you guys think? Do you like this fiery, confrontational side of Mora? Or would you rather him stick to the script and just find a way to win?